The Youth Courts deal with matters involving abuse and neglect of juveniles, as well as offenses committed by juveniles. Young people who have not reached the age of 18 may be subject to the Youth Court, although there are some exceptions. Some offenses which would be treated as crimes if committed by adults are known as delinquent acts when they involve juveniles.

In the 20 counties which have a County Court, those judges also serve as Youth Court judges. In counties which do not have a County Court, the Chancery Judge may hear Youth Court matters, or the Chancery Judge may appoint a lawyer to act in a judicial capacity as Youth Court Referee. The city of Pearl also has its own municipal Youth Court.


The Youth Court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction in all proceedings concerning a delinquent child, a child in need of supervision, a neglected child, an abused and/or a dependent child.

Terms of Court

First Judicial District

Third Wednesday and Thursday of every month.

Terms of Court

Second Judicial District

Second and Fourth Wednesday and Thursday of every month.

County & Youth Court Judge

Judge Aelicia Thomas

P.O. Drawer 188
Cleveland, MS 38732

Phone: (662) 843-7175
Fax: (662) 843-5337

Court Administrator

Kimberly Thurman
County & Youth Court Administrator
Bolivar County 1st & 2nd District

200 South Court Street
P.O. Box 188
Cleveland, MS 38732-0188
O: 662-843-7175 | F: 662-843-5337

First Judicial Court District

Rosedale, Mississippi

Second Judicial Court District

Cleveland, Mississippi

Youth Services Supervisor

Larry McCalop
204 N. Pearman Avenue
Cleveland, MS 38732
Phone: 662-843-8556

CASA Director

Patti Hendrix
204 N. Pearman Avenue
Cleveland, MS 38732
Ph: 662-846-6394

Juvenile Detention Director

Harold Ward
Main Street,
Rosedale, MS 38769
Ph: 662-759-3466