Marriage Licenses

Quick Tips for Marriage License Applicants in Bolivar County. Once your marriage license has been issued, the license is valid indefinitely in Mississippi.

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Bride and Groom Applications

Sample Bride and Groom applications can be found under “Forms” on this page.  Applicants are required to complete their applications with the Circuit Clerk.  Signatures will be required.


ID and Residency

In Mississippi, you will need to show a picture ID such as Drivers License. You can also use Military ID, DD 214, or a document that shows evidence of your age, like a Birth Certificate or school records.

Neither the bride nor groom have to be a resident of Mississippi unless you are under the age of 21, in which case you will also need to know your parents’ address, and your mother’s maiden name.

Parental consent is needed in Mississippi if under 21 years of age. If parents or guardians do not give consent at time of application, they will be notified via certified mail. The marriage application will be held for three (3) days. Marriage licenses cannot be issued to males under 17 or to females under 15 years of age unless the parents petition a judge to waive the minimum age requirements.

Most counties in Mississippi only require that you know the date (mm/dd/yy) and how your last marriage ended and that you sign an affidavit at the time you apply that all information you have provided is true and correct. If your divorce was within the last 6 months, you will need to bring proof of the divorce that can be left with the Clerk.


The marriage application fee is $21.00


  • Clergy, Mayors
  • Local Board of Supervisors Members
  • Judges of the state of Mississippi Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, Chancery Court, Justice Court, or County Court.


Bride’s Application
Groom’s Application

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