Office of the Circuit Clerk

County Circuit Clerk

Judith D. Thompson

Cleveland Phone: (662) 843-2061
Rosedale Phone: (662) 759-6521

The Circuit Clerk is clerk of the civil, domestic relations, criminal and juvenile courts and also acts as the ex-officio recorder for the county.  As ex-officio county recorder, the Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording liens, marriage licenses, professional licenses, surety bonds, and other orders and instruments.

As Clerk of the Courts, Judith D. Thompson is Clerk of all Circuit, County, and Youth courts here in Bolivar County. Because Bolivar County has two (2) Judicial Districts (or in laymen terms: two courthouses), she is the Administrative Arm of six (6) courts in total.  The Circuit Clerk’s Office oversees the administration of all courts to include Court Case Management, Court Financial & Clearinghouse Management, as well as acts as the Record Custodian for all court and marriage records.

As Registrar for the county, Ms. Thompson is the sole authority for registering voters and maintaining election records. This is her only statutory duty regarding elections. However, the Clerk also acts as a facilitator or liaison for election processes, including absentee voting and local candidate qualification.

Bolivar County has Election Commissioners who conduct all aspects of elections to include Voter Roll maintenance in which Ms. Thompson provides them assistance. Because the Election Commissioners do not have “office hours”, the Circuit Clerk’s Office is the point of contact for electors and voters when they have election issues or questions. One common misconception of the Circuit Clerk is that she is the “Face of Elections”. This is due in part to her role as liaison to the commission. Ms. Thompson has and continues to work diligently to educate Bolivar County constituents on her statutory areas of responsibility, while at the same time ensuring that the Election Commissioners have the needed assistance for them to do their job. Since 2008, we have seen much improvement in the efficient operation of the Circuit Clerk’s Office as well as how well elections have been conducted in Bolivar County.

Judith has served 12 years in the Bolivar County Circuit Clerk office as Clerk Apprentice, Senior Status (Under Sheriff). During this time, she has assisted fiscal operations such as Budget Management; Court’s Financial Clearinghouse; Clerk’s Financial Bookkeeping & Audit Procedures and has served as the deputy to the Circuit Court for Criminal Court, Civil Court, Unemployment Appeals Management and other court duties. Judith managed the Reporting of Marriages to MS Vital Records and assisted the Clerk with Voter Registration, Absentee Voting and other Election Operations.

Ms. Thompson is a United States Army Veteran, having served as a Logistics Transporter, being deployed twice overseas to Bosnia-Herzegovina (1997) and Camp Casey Korea (1999).

“Wear a smile during the storm and remember to treat people with kindness.”

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