The Bolivar County Courts will soon be adopting and implementing the Mississippi Supreme Court’s Electronic Courts System (MEC) This comprehensive case management system will allow courts in Bolivar County (County Court and Circuit Court of Cleveland and Rosedale) to offer electronic case filing and to maintain electronic case files via the internet; it is very similar to the Federal Courts’ case management system. 

The Bolivar County Courts have been operating under a “traditional” paper-based system since the mid-1800’s; with some limited electronic access added over the years. However, this new system (MEC) will allow for full electronic access for the court, court personnel, attorneys as well as the public.

“Judge Al Smith, Senior Circuit Judge, first initiated the plan to implement this system about a year ago.  The county supervisors along with the county’s IT department made some technological upgrades to both courthouses to make this plan work. Since I’ve been in office approximately 12 plus years ago, I heard about the system being implemented around the state and knew one day we would also implement it.  My courts, staff, local attorneys and I are all excited about this huge change for the courts even though we know it will be a process to get fully functional.”  — Marilyn Kelly, Bolivar County Circuit Clerk

MEC Online Attorney & Staff Training

September 11, 2020 — 1:30 p.m.

MEC training is open to Attorneys and / or their staff.

Training will be a three-hour block of online instruction as it relates to the application of the Mississippi Electronic Courts and the duties of the attorney in his/her official dealings with the Court System.

Participants will be given an overview of the Mississippi Electronic Courts Administrative Procedures as adopted by the Mississippi Supreme Court.  Participants will receive instruction related to the capabilities and functions of the system and how it can enhance their dealings with the court and their clients.

CLE credit is available for those attorneys who attend.

To register for training, go to: